• New San Cai vendor account setup
  • Employee training - familiarity and sales tracking
  • Join Pass signage - window, door or payment areas
  • Monthly sales commission payout
Join Pass
  • Shopping trip planning
  • In-store translation service
  • Sales tracking report
  • Membership development
  • Sales events and promotion
  • Sales points redemption ($1 per point, incremental points and shopping incentives)
  • Reward purchase at partner stores
  • Travel packages and gifts giveaway
Unique Benefits
International Shopping Rewards
  • International tour shopping support services
  • Mew clientele development to all travelers (Chinese, Latin Americans, Asian countries and more...)
  • In-store translation and sales support APP (24 x 7)
  • Shopping trip planning and facilitation
  • No credit card restrictions
  • Pre-order and pre-sales services for travelers
  • Anytime points redemption at partner stores
  • Rewards purchasing at partner stores
  • Chinese weChat and client management support
  • Membership marketing and event opportunities
Simple Tracking
  • Easy two-way tracking, invoice verification
  • Scan and submit invoices through APP
  • Monthly sales report and refund adjustment
  • Service fee based on percentage of the sales
  • Option: Stores record invoices with Join Pass ID