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One of the unique benefits of International Competition is that it offers both cash rewards and continual career opportunities on the world stage.

  • The competition offers over $60,000 in prize awards to 25 finalists in three categories.

List of awards per category:

  • Gold: (1 awards) $5,000
  • Sliver: (2 awards) $3,000
  • Bronze: (3 awards) $2,000
  • Honourable (3 awards) $300

Plus one outstanding award (cross-categories): $7,000

  • All finalists will be invited to participate in an exclusive networking event with museums, galleries, art collectors and art/design industry leaders.
  • Artworks will be selected for onsite exhibition during the award ceremony.
  • All registered participants’ artworks are eligible for public voting and online auction for additional exposure and cash rewards.
  • Participants will receive world-class training from renowned artists during the competition, including participation in an onsite art symposium with leading art professors.