il Cielo is the consummate restaurant where fairy tales come to life, and many of those fairy tales begin right here in our enchanted gardens. Owners, Pasquale and Pattie Vericella, had set their sights on the home of il Cielo (formerly En Brochette) for several years before the owners agreed to sell to them in 1986. Their dream has always been to create a restaurant that was a home. “Because of my background growing up in the peaceful country sides of both Pennsylvania and in Italy;” Pasquale states, “I want our guest to feel completely at home and comfortable and be surrounded by nature, beauty and magic. il Cielo is about all things authentic: Fresh food and fresh air in a beautiful garden setting.”

Over the years, il Cielo has evolved with the times while staying true to its Tuscan roots. il Cielo weaves together the many colorful threads in the rich tapestry of Vericella’s life by combining a modern way of thinking with classic good taste and charm. Implementing many elements of Pasquale’s personal upbringing with the traditions and culture of a Sorrento atmosphere. One could only enter il Cielo feeling as though they have entered into an Italian cottage.

Before it was il Cielo, this unique location was home to Marcel Machu and his family. He was a hairstylist to the stars! These photos taken in the 1940s show the construction of what is now il Cielo and our new bar.