Artwork Guidelines

Chinese Painting

Western Paintings

Short Film / Documentary

Short Film / Documentary

  • The entry must be in the digital video format and footage must be exclusively shot for this competition, and should not have been shown previously at other online and in-person venues.
  • Cultural heritage, social transformation and personal stories revealing cultural diversity and moral dignity are desirable topics.
  • A combination of computer-generated graphics, visual effects, or digital reproductions of drawn images are acceptable.
  • Entrants shall submit their piece along with a short synopsis and
    background for the film.
  • A two-minute trailer is required for each film.
  • Semi-finalists will be required to submit all relevant releases for creative assets not developed by the entrant (music, images, footage, etc.).
  • The finalists will be required to mail the high-resolution DVD film to
    competition headquarters. The submission form can be downloaded from the website.
  • All submitted films are qualified for online public viewing and voting. The producers are entitled to a share of profits for film viewing and
    showcasing. Details are to be announced.
  • Submission format: MPEG, VMedia
  • Semi-finalist format: AVI, MP4
  • Trailer length: 3 minutes max
  • Film Length: Minimum of 15 minutes and maximum of 40 minutes
  • Language: English or English subtitled
  • Documentation: Date, place, character and event descriptions for the film
  • Technical information: Camcorder type and editing software used

FRANCOFONIA – Official Trailer

The Monuments Men

American Jewish Historical Society, Producer Roberta Newman, Camera/Edit Roland Millman – Bright Screen Productions