Oil Painting

Artwork should be a showcase of the artist’s own traditional culture and/or country. Entrants are to apply refined techniques to depict their impressions of their country, society and/or culture. A uplifting and realism painting with an insightful message and storyline is highly desirable. Due to the nature of the theme, and to best illustrate the cultural subjects and understandings of the world’s societies, we are currently not accepting abstract paintings.

The semi-finalists will be notified upon the artwork’s delivery, as well as details on framing for the final award ceremony and artwork exhibition. All submitted oil paintings are qualified for online public voting and artwork auction. The details are to be announced.

Online submission format: Please digitalize the painting in high-resolution jpeg format.

Lian Huan Hua/Chinese Painting

Participants are to utilize essential techniques of traditional Chinese painting. The illustrations of Lian Huan Hua are to be drawn in the following desirable medium: Chinese brush painting, Chinese ink painting, and water-color. The style should be detailed, refined and creative.

Illustrations depicting traditional stories and historical figures in the narrative style are highly desirable. The stories should highlight China’s 5,000 years of vibrant cultures, and showcase the insightful wisdom passed on through China’s dynasties and legends.

Hand-drawing should not be more than 10 precent digitally altered. The semi-finalist swill be notified about artwork delivery and details on framing.

Length: No less than 15 pictures/story
Format: Please digitalize the painting in high-resolution jpeg format

Short Film/Documentary

  • The entry must be in the digital video format and footage must be exclusively shot for this competition, and should not have been shown previously at other online and in-person venues.
  • Cultural heritage, social transformation and personal stories revealing cultural diversity and moral dignity are desirable topics.
  • A combination of computer-generated graphics, visual effects, or digital reproductions of drawn images are acceptable.
  • Entrants shall submit their piece along with a short synopsis and background for the film.
  • A two-minute trailer is required for each film.
  • Semi-finalists will be required to submit all relevant releases for creative assets not developed by the entrant (music, images, footage, etc.).
  • The finalists will be required to mail the high-resolution DVD film to competition headquarters. The submission form can be downloaded from the website.
  • All submitted films are qualified for online public viewing and voting. The producers are entitled to a share of profits for film viewing and showcasing. Details are to be announced.
  • Submission format: MPEG, VMedia
  • Semi-finalist format: AVI, MP4
  • Trailer length: 3 minutes max
  • Film Length: Minimum of 15 minutes and maximum of 60 minutes
  • Language: English or English subtitled
  • Documentation: Date, place, character and event descriptions for the film
  • Technical information: Camcorder type and editing software used